Current Issues

More Than Just a Bandaid Solution

Neurological Alliance Tasmania made a submission to the Tasmanian Legislative Council Inquiry on Acute Halth Services in Tasmania.

The quality of services for people with neurological or progressive neuromuscular conditions varies across Tasmania, with some areas having insufficient expertise both in hospitals and in the community. The Alliance is supportive of ‘One State, One Health System, Better Outcomes’. However, with the postcode lottery that currently exists in Tasmania in respect to neurology services, NAT’s position is that of: Equity of access to timely, appropriate, effective and high quality health care for all Tasmanians.

More Issues

More awareness needed

The goals of public awareness campaigns are manifold, among them disease prevention, improving access to and uptake of treatments, tackling stigma and discrimination, and promoting research.


Delivering Safe and Sustainable Clinical Services

Neurological Alliance Tasmania forwarded a submission to the 'Delivering Safe and Sustainable Clinical Services - White Paper Exposure Draft' detailing the challenges specifically faced by the people who are represented by the member Associations of NAT.


Access and equity to services

The inequity that exists in neurology services across the state, and the impact on people’s lives as a result of that inequity, is an issue Neurological Alliance Tasmania (NAT) has been highlighting to successive Governments for some time.