Current Issues

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Neurological Alliance Tasmania (NAT) supports the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the potential it has to transform the lives of people living with neurological and progressive neuromuscular conditions. The NDIS will offer more choice and control for indiviudals and provide sustainable and effective pathways for services and support.

NAT has endorsed the following key points as crucial to the implementation of the NDIS:

1) Eligibility from diagnosis to support early intervention to reduce the economic and social burden and improve quality of life for people living with neurological and progressive neuromuscular conditions;

2) Disease sensitive and ongoing assessments be undertaken by experienced practitioners with expert knowledge in the field of neurological and progressive neuromuscular conditions;

3) Seamless anticipatory care and support based on assessed needs for people affected by neurological and progressive neuromuscular conditions throughout their life journey. Assessment processes must be able to anticipate changing need.

NAT also support Neurological Alliance of Australia and their campaign.

More Issues

More Than Just a Bandaid Solution

Neurological Alliance Tasmania made a submission to the Tasmanian Legislative Council Inquiry on Acute Halth Services in Tasmania.


More awareness needed

The goals of public awareness campaigns are manifold, among them disease prevention, improving access to and uptake of treatments, tackling stigma and discrimination, and promoting research.


Delivering Safe and Sustainable Clinical Services

Neurological Alliance Tasmania forwarded a submission to the 'Delivering Safe and Sustainable Clinical Services - White Paper Exposure Draft' detailing the challenges specifically faced by the people who are represented by the member Associations of NAT.